Community Medics

PO Box 16228, Vlaeberg, 8018
Emergencies 087 230 0404 | Office 087 231 0121


How you can support us

Our greatest challenge is relying on limited resources to respond to the growing number of medical emergencies we are called for on a daily basis.

As a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Non Profit Organisation (NPO) we rely solely on our partnerships, sponsors and supporters to keep us operational. Without the continued support of the community by way of donations, sponsorships, and corporate funding, we would not be able to offer this free, first world, medical response service.

The opportunities that lie ahead for Community Medics are vast. The possibilities for expansion are endless, as there are multiple communities within the greater Cape Town area – as well as other provinces across South Africa – that could benefit from a free emergency medical service.

To work towards realising these opportunities, Community Medics depends on financial support from the community and corporate sector.

Tax certificates

As an approved PBO, we are able to issue Section 18A certificates for donations, allowing the donor to claim a tax deduction from SARS.
The greatest benefit of signing a debit order is that it allows us to budget. From as little as R50 per month, these debit orders are considered our most reliable form of income. The debit order programme is managed by Community Medics, and thus, should it be necessary to amend or cancel, it can easily be done.

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Donation Options