Community Medics

PO Box 16228, Vlaeberg, 8018
Emergencies 087 230 0404 | Office 087 231 0121
Welcome to Community Medics

Your friendly neighbourhood medics are always there to assist
in your time of need. Our highly skilled volunteers, with years of experience in the field, strive to do our best for our communities, whether it is an emergency, fundraising or training.

Contribute to your community

With as little as the price of a cappuccino or two, your monthly contribution will go a long way in assisting us. With multiple ways to donate, your contribution can help us to focus resources where they’re needed most.

Get involved with volunteering

Become part of the team by offering your time to assist in a variety of different fields, which consists of Fundraising, Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Logistics, and Training.

Do you reside in our service areas, and believe you have what it takes?

Continuous Professional Development

All our HPCSA-registered volunteers keep their qualifications current, and consistently participate in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses throughout the year, keeping abreast with the latest research and best practices.

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Welcome to Community Medics

In a life-threatening emergency, seconds count. The Community Medics volunteers reside in your neighbourhood and can arrive on scene within the shortest period of time and stabilise the patient until your nominated Ambulance Service Provider arrives on scene.

Our medics are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and are trained to the same level as the crews that are working permanently in the Ambulance Services. Our Organisation is registered as an Ambulance Service Provider and our medical response vehicles are fully equipped to the Department of Health’s specifications.


Our greatest challenge is relying on limited resources to respond to the growing number of medical emergencies we are called for on a daily basis.

As a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Non Profit Organisation (NPO) we rely solely on our partnerships, sponsors and supporters to keep us operational. Without the continued support of the community by way of donations, sponsorships, and corporate funding, we would not be able to offer this free, first world, medical response service.


Our team comprises over 40 trained professionals registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Their medical qualifications range from Doctors, Advanced Life Support (ALS), Intermediate Life Support (ILS) and Basic Life Support (BLS). We also have a team of over 20 Emergency First Responders.

Our volunteers join because they have a passion for the industry, and for giving back to the community. Playing to their off-the-road strengths, our volunteers also support the Organisation’s portfolios. Key portfolios include Fundraising, Marketing, Public Relations, Human Resources, Logistics, and Training.


Training the community
Community Medics provides free Emergency First Aid Responder (EFAR) training so as to empower the community, thereby assisting their neighbours in stabilising a patient until we arrive on scene.

Community involvement
The communities in which we operate have active neighbourhood watches and armed response companies, and Community Medics frequently responds to calls from these organisations for medical emergencies. We also assist the South African Police Service, Community Police Forum and Law Enforcement.

Volunteers medical training

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