Weekly Recap

Single vehicle accidents happen from time to time. Community Medics responded to three such situations in the Table View and Melkbosstrand area on Friday night.

The first was at Plattekloof and Koeberg roads, just past the slipway with the driver sustaining minor injuries, the second was on Otto du Plessis in Melkbosstrand, where the vehicle and a garden were badly damaged and the third was an incident near to the Melkbos Country Club where the driver was covered in blood, so much so he appeared to have been painted, but no visible cause for the blood could be found at that time.

It is important to stay focused when driving, even when the road is quiet. Don’t drive if you are tired and could fall asleep, don’t use your cell phone when driving, don’t get distracted by non-essential things such as adjusting the radio, getting an insect out of the window or anything that could take your eyes off the road. Always wear your seat belt and always ensure passengers are appropriately restrained. The speed you travel at can increase the severity of injuries. Some accidents result in death, others in disability, others in months of recovery. The time spent in a car each day is the time of highest risk each day for most people

Never drink and drive. Not only does this slow reaction times, increase the chance of collisions and injuring yourself and others, but it can also result in patients insisting there are other passengers when there aren’t, and giving other information that is not true and delays injury treatment and transport unnecessarily.