Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one for our volunteers where they assisted with 15 vehicle and pedestrian collisions and 33 other medical and trauma related incidents.

Remember to always buckle up and ensure your children are in the correct car seat for their age and in the back seat, that you stay off your cell phone, and that you obey the speed limit. Speed can significantly impact the severity of injuries and damage to vehicles. Never drive if you have been drinking, even one drink affects your ability to respond quickly to hazards.

Be mindful of other road users, you can control your driving and responses to other drivers, but you can’t control what they will do, so be alert and expect the unexpected and always ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

If you’re a pedestrian, cross only at pedestrian crossings, look before you cross as not every driver obeys the rule to stop, ensure you’re not crossing on a blind corner or just below the crest of a hill, and never weave between cars.

For trips, slips, falls, trauma and medical emergencies, ensure your house number is visible, that you send someone to the door or gate to await the response vehicle or ambulance, the sooner we can find you, the sooner we can help you.

Thank you to our volunteers for giving of your time and professional skills to help in your community.