Near Drowning Camps Bay Beach

On Saturday afternoon City of Cape Town lifeguards noticed two people who had gotten into difficulty while swimming at Camps Bay beach. The lifeguards swiftly mobilized to the aid of the swimmers and in the process, activating Community Medics resources and putting the NSRI on standby.

Once the lifeguards had rescued the two swimmers from the water, Community Medics and ER24 medical resources immediately stepped in to assess and treat the patients. One of the swimmers was able to go home after being accessed while the other swimmer was transported to hospital by Er24 for treatment of hypothermia as well as a leg injury.

Well done to the City of Cape Town lifeguards for their immediate action which resulted in a successful rescue of the swimmers. Thank you to Community Medics, ER24, City of Cape Town fire and rescue and Law Enforcement officers for their assistance on scene.