MySOS helps locate Skateboarding disaster

Community Medics on scene along Tafelberg road

When you dial any emergency number, what usually takes the longest is trying to explain to the dispatcher where you are. This becomes increasingly frustrating when you are on an unknown road or mountain trail. Community Medics has partnered with MySOS to try and combat this issue, giving members of the public direct access to our call centre and DispatchCube platform.

On Sunday evening this system was put to the test when Community Medics received a MySOS emergency for a skateboarder who had fallen along Tafelberg road. Due to the system integration, we were able to pinpoint the exact location of the skateboarder and start dispatching resources before we had even received the emergency phone call.

Community Medics arrived on scene and immediately started treating the injured skateboarder as well as activating additional resources. Thanks to the teamwork of all the services involved, the skateboarder was transported to hospital in a stable condition.

MySOS in an application which can be installed onto any smart phone and uses the phones GPS to send the exact coordinates to the Community Medics call centre. In addition to sending Community Medics your name, location and contact number, it will also initiate a call to our emergency number so that we can ascertain further details pertaining to your incident.

If you would like to download MySOS please see details below.