Community Medics have been approved as a beneficiary for MySchool, MyVillage and MyPlanet.

Great News, Community Medics have been approved as a beneficiary for MySchool, MyVillage and MyPlanet.

This means it’s now even easier to support us and ensure we can keep on providing FREE First World Emergency Medical care for ALL people of the community. Please find below some helpful FAQ’s in case you are not 100% sure on what to do next.

Q: How does using the MySchool card help Community Medics?

A: Every time you swipe your MySchool card at one of the participating partner stores, a percentage of your purchase goes towards your chosen beneficiary. It is absolutely free to get a card and become part of one of SA’s biggest community fundraising programmes. Remember to select Community Medics as your beneficiary!


Q: I have a Woolworths card. Can I still support Community Medics through the MySchool programme with it?

A: You can! But to benefit at all the participating partner stores (not only Woolworths) you’ll need to send an email to Remember to add Community Medics as your beneficiary, it’s completely free and every swipe counts!


Q: I have applied to join the MySchool programme, but I haven’t received my card. Now what?

A: You should receive your card by post in 21 working days. If not, send an email to


Q: I am an existing MySchool card holder, and I already support another organisation. Is it possible to also support Community Medics?

A: Of course! Each cardholder may have up to 3 beneficiaries. You can change / update your chosen beneficiaries via the website or app, or by clicking this link:


Q: I would love to join the programme and support Community Medics. What do I need to do?

A: It’s easy – just follow the link:


Q: Do I need to go into a store to apply to join the MySchool programme?

A: You could, but you don’t need to. You can apply online by following this link:


Q: Is there an app I can download to add Community Medics as a beneficiary to my MySchool card?

A: Of course! The app is available on AppStore and GooglePlay:


Q: Where can I use my MySchool card?

A: At all participating partner stores, across South Africa. For a comprehensive list, visit


Q: How will I know how much has been raised for my chosen beneficiary each month?

A: Every month, you’ll receive an email showing how much has collectively been raised for each of your beneficiaries. Remember, every swipe counts, and it’s completely free! To add Community Medics as your beneficiary, click


For any other queries, you are most welcome to contact me directly: