Community Medics is a public benefit organisation (PBO), therefore we rely on our Partnerships, Sponsors and Supporters to keep us going. Community Medics is a registered PBO and Tax Certificates are issued for all donations made. Community Medics' PBO Registration number is: 930 029 619. Community Medics relies solely on donations from the community and funding from corporate organisations. Without the support from the community we would not be able to offer our service and therefore are continually in search of financial support.

The greatest challenge presented to Community Medics is relying on limited resources to respond to the growing number of medical emergencies we are needed for on a daily basis. As Community Medics is a Public Benefit Organisation providing a free emergency medical service, we rely solely on donations for the community we serve. Our current team is run and managed entirely by volunteers, who donate their time on a part time basis.

The opportunities that lie ahead for Community Medics are vast. Of great importance is building, maintaining and nurturing partnership with other emergency services and funding relationships with corporate donors as well as our community. Additionally, the opportunity for expansion is endless for Community Medics, as there are multiple communities within Cape Town and South Africa that could benefit from a free emergency medical service. To work towards realising these opportunities Community Medics depends on financial support from the community and corporate sector.

You can make a donation to Community Medics in four ways, either via EFT , Monthly Debit Order, SnapScan or via online donation through GivenGain. (Please click on the "Donate Online" button to be transferred to the secure online donation site.)

For any queries regarding donations please contact Benji on: 087 231 0121 or

For EFT donations:

Account Name: Community Medics Trust

Bank: Standard Bank

Account #: 070095191

Branch Code: 020009

Each division makes use of a separate reference please see below the reference to use for the division of your choice

Atlantic Seaboard : Reference = ASB + Your name + contact no

City Bowl : Reference = CTB + Your name + contact no

Tableview : Reference = TBV + Your name + contact no

Equipment Donations :

Members of public can also choose to instead of a financial donation rather donate equipment that is needed by the different divisions. Below is each division's "Wishlist"

Table View Division:

ALS Jumpbag 1   R 1295 R 1 476,30 R 1 476,30
Stiff Neck Collars - S,M,L, XL 8 each R 125 R 142,50 R 1 140,00
Scoop Stretcher with Spider Harness and Headblocks 1   R 4600 R 5 244,00 R 5 244,00
KED Extrication Device 1   R 995 R 1 134,30 R 1 134,30
Traction Splint 1   R 2 995 R 3 414,30 R 3 414,30
12 Lead ECG Monitor 1   R 130 400 R 148 656,00 R 148 656,00
3 Lead ECG Monitor 1   R 75 000 R 85 500,00 R 85 500,00
Oxygen Cylinder Portable 2   R 1 595 R 1 818,30 R 3 636,60
Oxygen Regulator 2   R 1 295 R 1 476,30 R 2 952,60
Emergency Lights (Star Bar, grill and strobes) 1   R 12 000 R 13 680,00 R 13 680,00
Complete Siren Unit 1   R 4 000 R 4 560,00 R 4 560,00
Suction Unit 1   R 7 595 R 8 658,30 R 8 658,30
Inverter 1   R 1 500 R 1 710,00 R 1 710,00
Pelvic Strap 1   R 1 295 R 1 476,30 R 1 476,30
Tetra Hand Radios 2x Hand, 1x vehicle 3   R 13 000 R 14 820,00 R 44 460,00
GPS Unit (TomTom Fleet) 2   R 3 000 R 3 420,00 R 3 420,00
Surgical Cric Kit 1   R 695 R 792,30 R 792,30
Pulse Oximeter 1   R 2 000 R 2 280,00 R 2 280,00

Debit Order

If you would like to signup a debit order form, please click the below link to download a debit order form.


Want to pay with your smartphone? Why not donate to Community Medics through SnapScan, but scanning the QR code below.

Download SnapScan today from:

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